• Standard Pricing, 290$ (250€)    

(Non-Profit Individuals only. Those with lucrative purposes must fill in Budget application).

     -Furry commissions are available, though price will be defined by its requested design; always      considering it with a higher price than the standard one due to the need for a brand new base        model.

     -Commissions requiring armour or highly-detailed textures will see their prices increased.

  • 3D Model Features:

     -Original 3D Model.

     -PMX format.


     -Bone structure.


     -Shadowing and lightning.

     -Facial Expressions (request additional expressions)

  • Extra outfit

     -Only available for models already created by Yoistyle.

     -Standard price for outfit or new hairstyle: 117$ (100€)

     -Standard price for both outfit and new hairstyle: 198$ (170€)

*Prices may vary, increasing or lowering according to design’s complexity.


  • Terms and conditions 

      -Payment will be made by Paypal only.

     -Payment will be entirely delivered before the commission starts.

     -Images of the process will be sent if requested.

     -No refunds available.

     -Edition of the model is strictly forbidden.

     -Commissions will be done per payment schedule. Users paying first will get their models first

     -If a user requires the model by certain dates and this implies skipping payment order, an              extra payment would be requested (the quantity will vary depending on dates and required            time)