Personal Info

My name is Adan and I am a Spanish 21-year-old freelance 3D modeller.

As being active for 3 years on the area, I make 3D manga-like models, working for both companies and individuals.

Every design of mine is both texturized and rigged, has added physics and facial expressions, making it compatible with MikuMikuDance animation software.

Professional Background

ALYS (2014)

Voxwave Company official model of the virtual French-Japanese singer, ALYS.

Elaborated model as a means of promoting the character, as for virtual live concerts in Paris, Epinal, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Belgium and Tunez among others.


My career includes being in charge of the official models for each virtual live concert organized by Empath Studio’s VOCAMERICA, with the aid of the occidental Vocaloid companies Zero-G, Power-FX and Voctrolabs.